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Tea Tasting

Let’s delve into the mystical world of tea together! Learn the details about it and experience the taste all together.



1 hr

Starting Price ($)



We will start off the experience by learning more about what tea is, how tea plants are grown, how it's produced and the harvesting and production methods ranging from Pai Mu Tan white tea, Oolong, Pu'erh and more! We will then shift our focus to how to brew the perfect cup of tea in the comfort of your home and discuss any tea myths and misconceptions around "the perfect cup of tea".

From there, we will discuss how to become a better tea taster and learn about our palate and tasting notes in tea. At this point, our expert will walk you through a virtual tea tasting. You will discuss tasting notes and the complexities that each cup of tea holds. Our expert will walk you through what tea & food pairings work best based on your favorite teas.

The session will end with an opportunity for any questions and to share with each other what tea we are drinking! 

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