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Coffee Masterclass

Make the perfect coffee. From different types of beans to different brewing methods. Select kits are available.



1 hr

Starting Price ($)



This class will give you the opportunity to slow down and really appreciate the components that make up a great cup of coffee.  We tend to rush through our lives, clinging to our caffeine fix out of necessity. Through this Masterclass, we would like to change your coffee drinking experience to an enjoyable one full of pleasure.

You will learn the many different processes of how to brew coffee. In some countries, the brewing of coffee is a ritual. We will teach you about coffee aroma descriptors like flowery, nutty, smoky, and herby. As well as coffee’s taste descriptors: acidity, bitterness, sweetness, saltiness and sourness. Then, we will look at the different varieties of beans, regions that produce them, and ways to roast them to make the best cup of coffee. 

Select kits are available to provide a more interactive experience and fill your home with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

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