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Stretch & Tone

Combine dynamic & active stretching to get your moving easily and lift your moods



1 hr

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"Sitting disease", as some healthcare organizations call it, is the 4th leading risk factor for physical mortality, and we love supporting organizations that encourage their employees to make movement a part of their day!

Breaking up a long sitting session just once or twice a week can make a massive difference in people's physical and mental well-being, and our classes are designed to teach people new movement patterns to hopefully inspire them to get up and move on their own as well.

Our corporate workshops are usually based on our Full Body Stretch & Tone model, which focuses on dynamic & active stretching as well as elements of conditioning. Our techniques are primarily based in dance, although we incorporate some from yoga and pilates as well. We work on developing mobility in most major joints and flexibility in most major muscle groups in every single class. Modifications are provided to suit a variety of levels of physical fitness; however, our corporate workshops are designed with the assumption that most participants will have very limited experience in movement.

We welcome questions throughout the class and/or after the class to make sure it is an educational of an experience as we can possibly make it.

Common feedback after our sessions includes:
- postural improvements
- pain relief
- a feeling of "openness" in the body
- improved mental clarity and reduction in stress levels.

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