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Spy Master

Do you know who the spy is in your group? Each round has one spy and the goal of everyone is to find out who it is without revealing it all.

4-20 ppl


30 mins - 1 hr

Starting Price ($)



Do you know who the spy is in your group?

The Spy Master is a classic party game that we have made virtual. It turns everyone into detectives as they try to figure out who the spy is.

While some players go around asking questions (in breakout rooms), others are secretly passing notes (through private messages) and acting true to their role as a spy --- they're just trying to avoid getting found out. Round after round, each player takes his or her turn as the Spy Master, giving clues as to which player is the spy in a variety of increasingly difficult and hilarious scenarios. Players try to get others to guess who the spy is without revealing themselves. Be careful though! Each incorrect guess gives away points. If you think you know who the spy is but aren't sure, plan carefully when deciding whether or not to speak

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