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Spelling Bee

How well do you know your words? Compete against your colleagues to be a fun spelling bee champion!

4-100+ ppl


30 mins - 1 hr

Starting Price ($)



The Virtual Spelling Bee is a fun way to brush up on your spelling skills, and challenge your colleagues to match wits in a battle of the words.

You can compete against others by working through one letter at a time while competing for the Smart Bee trophy. The bee lasts for up to 10 rounds. With multiple levels of difficulty, each difficulty level allows you to choose from five well-known dictionaries.

Your score will be based upon how quickly you defeat each word within the allotted time. Whether you have months of practice already, or are just looking to challenge your colleagues, this experience will make you the bee's knees at spelling. Try it once, or make it a monthly challenge!

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