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Public Speaking Training

Learn from 2-time TEDx speaker on how to improve your public speaking for not only presentations but also effective business communication. Available as an ongoing class.



1-2 hr

Starting Price ($)



There are so many benefits to improving your public speaking including building confidence, critical thinking, personal development, improving communication skills, making new social connections, personal satisfaction, growing your professional network, learning to persuade, building leadership skills, learning performance skills, developing vocabulary and fluency, having no fear of impromptu speaking, learning to argue, helps you drive change, and being a better listener. 

Give your team the opportunity to master the skills to see all these benefits and more from a 2-time TEDx speaker. They will share tips and tricks on how to improve your public speaking. This is available as an ongoing class to allow your team to grow and improve themselves. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

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