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Master Improvisation

Rewire your Brain for Creativity, Connectivity, and Out-of-the-Box Thinking.

1-500+ ppl


1 hr

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Rewire your brain for creativity, connectivity, and out-of-the box thinking by learning to master improvisation. 

Do you want your team to improve their public speaking and overcome their shyness and social anxiety? Do you want to promote creative thinking in the workplace? Do you want to build confidence among your team and eliminate self-doubt?

Well, this class will help your team get there. Our virtual class will teach your team the skills they need in a fun, safe way. You'll learn how to:

- Overcome and prevent mental blocks

- Unleash creativity through simple prompts

- Give an impromptu persuasive speech

- Handle being put on the spot in interviews

- Tell engaging stories that keep your listeners on the edge of their seats

- Be more flexible

- Connect in a more meaningful way with new people through asking great questions

- Speak confidently about any topic in an engaging way

- Get out of your head

All of these lessons will be presented to you and your team in a fun way that is guaranteed to create laughter and enjoyment. It’s a great opportunity for skill-building among your team, which really helps build connections and strong relationships.

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