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High Intensity Workout

Tired of sitting on your chair? Get up and moving with this workout that's catered to all ages using just bodyweight and what you have around at home.

4-100+ ppl


30 mins - 1 hr

Starting Price ($)



Have you been struggling to get enough exercise? Or just want to change up your day and get out of your chair? Well, we have lots of opportunities to sweat with our personal trainers. Get up and moving with this workout that’s catered to you using just body weight and what you have around at home. 

It is well known that our mental energy is directly linked to how regularly we work out. Consider the following cognitive benefits resulting from a regular exercise routine: enhanced concentration, improved memory, active learning, longer mental stamina, heightened creativity and lower stress. Plus over all, it creates endorphins which is bound to have your team in a better mood, which benefits workplace performance. Teams that workout together, work better together!!

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